About us

Established since October 2001 and adapting our services to nowadays requirements through time, in Casa del Retoño you will enjoy the comfort, tranquility and warmth of a Mexican family house, built with typical Mexican materials, which guarantee you an unforgettable stay.

You will see historic and architectonic details, originals of México and artisan decoration that will take you to the past and let you know more of the history of handcraft and pottery, which gives Tlaquepaque its name.

Formerly our hotel was home and workshop of Don Ponciano Panduro, known for his fine handcrafts such as horses and mexican horsemen (charros).

People stood over by the window to admire his work, Also in this same street, which was once named Retoño, lived the other members of the Panduro's family, all of them artisans and with superb abilities in modeling clay.

The property has belonged to the Panduro’s family for over 100 years, the original building was built with adobe walls and the roof was made with Catalan vaulted ceiling, and was remodeled and reconditioned. The second building made for the bedrooms was built in year 2000 following the same techniques and using the same constructions materials of the original building and along with the micro climate resulting from the abundant vegetation and big trees in our place makes the thermal sensation in rooms and inside the hotel cooler and nicer than outside the hotel.

Pueblo Mágico


Tlaquepaque is a land of artisans, its name comes from the Nahuatl, "Tlalipac" which means place over slope of clay. It is located at an altitude of more than 5000 ft. above sea level, with an average temperature of 28°C, warm weather and rains during the summer.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1530, Tlaquepaque was already an artisan town. It is actually the largest artisan center in Mexico, where you can find the best handcraft products all over the world, such as: ceramic, blown glass, forged iron, silversmith and goldsmith shops, embossed art, laminated brass, furniture and mostly what has given international fame for over 100 years: its handcrafts with a great variety of clay figures which capture the typical Mexican scenes through out the time along with presidential collections, and nativity sets, made since over 150 years by 5 generations of artisans of the Panduro family among others.


Mexico is folklore, tradition, culture, history, nature and gastronomy.

All these attributes are everywhere in our country, but there are some towns that consolidate this richness on a cosmogony that makes it unique, and for that they are known as Pueblos Mágicos.

On October 11th. 2018, San Pedro Tlaquepaque is named Pueblo Mágico, in recognition of the beauty of its historic district and its long handcrafts tradition.